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Advantages of the On-Ground Swimming Pool

As people start to become more familiar with On-ground pools, they still want to know exactly what the advantages are over its in-ground cousin. Quite simply, it’s in the math. In-ground swimming pools typically start around $40,000 to buy and install, but that’s just...

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2018 Pool Installations

If you’re thinking about a pool for the 2018 summer season, now is the right time to think more seriously. Our installation calendar is filling and we don’t want you to miss the date you’re hoping for. It’s important to plan ahead for backyard swimming pool estimates,...

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Early Spring Planning

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner and winter can be an ideal time to start planning your backyard landscape for the new spring/summer season. Winter planning can allow for enough time to create a landscape plan, shop for finish ideas and interview...

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Benefits of Salt Water for Swimming?

Using sea salt water as a form of therapy, also known as thalassotherapy, has been around for centuries and was used by the Ancient Egyptians as a form of health therapy. And, the health benefits of bathing in salt water have been widely documented. For example, one...

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Planning Your Backyard Swimming Pool.

Deciding to put a swimming pool in your own backyard is one that most people never regret.

The fun that it brings to families and the recreation, comfort and entertainment that it brings to people of all ages make owning your own swimming pool an excellent choice at any stage of life.

When deciding on your backyard swimming pool, there are a few things to consider…

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How to Make Your Pool Safe for Kids

Worried About the Safety of Putting a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard There are several safety measures that one can take to make their backyard swimming pool more safe for children and pets. All pools must have a minimum of 4’ fence around the perimeter of the pool...

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